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English for Tamil speakers | தமிழ்ப் பேசுவர்களுக்கான ஆங்கிலம் பயிற்சி

Hello! This is where you can ask questions and/or talk about the English for Tamil course.

வணக்கம்! தமிழ்ப் பேசுவர்களுக்கான ஆங்கிலம் பயிற்சியைப் பற்றிக் கேள்விகள் இருந்தால், இந்த உரையாடலில் கேட்கத் தயங்காதீர்கள்.

January 8, 2018



there needs to be a tamil for english speakers!!


I agree! That will most likely begin after English for Tamil speakers is released and stable.


I have tried to apply for contributing to english for tamil speakers, but i am not able to submit the form


Yes I need this badly!


Yeah, I've been trying to learn too, so that would be cool.




நன்றி! I'm looking forward to the release of this course as well as the reverse course in the future!


வணக்கம். I see you are learning Esperanto. Are you from TamilNadu? If so do you know any Esperanto clubs in TamilNadu?


I appreciate Your efforts, but also wonder if You aren't feeling overwhelmed? Lot of people express interest to contribute to the course over the years, but i see only two contributors now, yet You said that You don't need any more.

I understand that initial enthusiasm of the people fades away once the actual task required is understood. People who are chosen to contribute remain dormant or choose to leave after realizing the demanding nature of the job. So taking more people into the course does not help the cause. But having very few people to contribute with loads of work may not help either, considering the course has been in development for more than 3 years. Yet, pushing for the release with unfinished/partially finished course would hurt everyone - Learners, Contributors and also the image of Duolingo. How are You handling this?

I would appreciate if You help me know about any restriction on the number of contributors for the course and also about the process of contributing to the Course. Thanks.


Just want to say thank you to the course contributors! Good job on all the recent progress you guys have made!

I probably won't end up taking this course, but once it's released, hopefully a Tamil for English course will start, and I would definitely be interested in that.


Thank you for your support!


@goosefield - I am a native Tamil speaker interested in contributing to this. I have applied via incubator. What is the process to get approved and start contributing?


Thank you for your interest! If we need help with the course in the future, we'll review your application and let you know how you can help.


Hi i would love to help with this course as it needs to be completed by december 31 please reply if you would need any more contributers as i will apply right away


I can't wait until this is released. Until the English -> Tamil course is released, I think I'm going to try and use this one to learn hahah (after I learn the alphabet) :)


@goosefield I see the English for Tamil course has made a lot of progress the past few weeks but this week is stuck at 64%. Do you still expect the course to be completed by August 8 or later this year?


We expect to have preliminary translations done by August 8 but will still need to add alternate translations. The interface is also only about 50% translated at this point so the course will likely be released after August 8.


can i contribute with you


Hi, any more volunteers needed at this point?


Not at the moment. However, we will need alpha testers in the coming months. If you're interested, fill out an application here.


Thanks, I've already applied a few weeks ago.


உங்கள் முயற்ச்சிக்கு நன்றி


Hii! Btw, I'm Tamil too. Living in Europe for the past few years and would like to contribute to English as a native Tamil speaker. Need help on topics or whatever might it be, feel free to ask questions and share your thoughts. Teamwork wins!! Moreover, it would be fascinating if someone just helps to start the procedure of contribution :) Thanks in advance.


Keep up the great work, I would prefer Tamil for English speakers, but the opposite is a great start! Go goosefield, we are proud of you!


I sincerely hope that the creators of this course will begin work on Tamil for English Speakers following it's completion.


I am interested in contributing to teaching English to Tamil Speakers. I have been teaching English to Tamil Speakers for years. Hope you will open up the possibility of contributing to teaching English to Tamil Speakers!


eppo Tamizh duolingo kuh varpodhuuuu~


Hello goosefield. Recently a Tamil for English speakers course was added to the incubator a few days ago even though the English for Tamil speakers course isn't released into beta yet. It currently has no contributors and when I checked it there is one contributor that looks like a throwaway account.

Is it possible that the Tamil for English speakers course recently added could be made in error or is it an actual course? Will you and buvans work on that course eventually?



I don't have any information about Tamil for English speakers at the moment. I haven't heard anything from Duolingo about its plans to release a Tamil for English speakers course. I will let you know if I hear anything.


yes i’d like to know this as well. any contributors reading this, please work on Tamil for English speakers too


Amazing work, Team English for Tamil! Looking forward to the release of the course!

Good luck with creating the tree! All of you are awesome! :)


No problem! :)


நன்றி. இந்த சீரிய முயற்சிக்கு என்னுடைய பங்களிப்பையும் அளிக்க விழைகிறேன். I've applied for the contributor program so many times that I've lost count. So, If I do want to do it, how can I do it. Kindly guide me through the process. Thanks in advance.


We currently don't need more contributors, but we will likely need alpha testers in the near future. If you are interested in alpha testing, please let me know and I will keep you updated. நன்றி.


I am interested in alpha testing and would like to contribute to Duolingo too.


Please apply here. உங்கள் ஆர்வத்திற்கு மிகவும் நன்றி.


I have applied again. Please keep me posted.


Understood. மகிழ்ச்சியே. I wished to contribute in any way possible. So I do wish to be Alpha. Ping me whenever it's ready. நன்றி.


Hi! If you are still looking for Alpha Testers I would love to help out. My parents are from Chennai but I was born in America so I can speak and understand Tamil very well but have 0 knowledge of the script. I don’t think my English skills need mentioning. I would love to help with alpha testing in the course if you still need it.


Since this course teaches English to Tamil speakers, knowledge of the Tamil script is required.


நான் Ready sir ! நான் தமிழ்நாட்டிலேயே பிறந்து வளர்ந்தவன்.If you see my profile in duolingo you will understand.


Please keep in mind that this course will be teaching English to Tamil speakers, not Tamil to English speakers.


I know Tamil and applied to help this course(Jun 22, 2019) but still haven't been accepted if you can accept I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!


Estimated Completion Date: October 2, 2019, but you don't release this date!, We are waiting.


I'm excited to see the recent progress in the incubator! Keep up the good work. :)


Really looking forward to this. Duolingo was super helpful for me in learning Hindi. I am sure my mom will feel the same after doing this course.


Can there be course of Arabic for Tamil speakers


கடினம்தான். ஆனால் நிகழ்வாய்ப்பற்றது இல்லை. வருங்காலத்தில் ஏற்படுத்தப்படலாம்.


I know how to speak in Tamil ~ I just don't know how to write in Tamil though~ I am hoping I can learn from Duolingo~!! :D


I would like to be an Alpha Tester for this course, please add me.


I speak English but my parents are Tamil so this will be so much help for me for translation.


Will it be out on Christmas for sure.


How do you contribute and when you are how do you do it


Has this actually been still being made 2 years ago?


அறிவிக்கப்பட்டவாறு திசம்பர் 25 ஆம் நாள் அன்று வெளியிடப்பட்டுவிடுமா? ஆவலுடன் காத்திருக்கிறேன்.


please release tamil for english speakers!


Hi, there, I am learning only french and having crown level 100+ then level(19) and also I can able to speak tamil but I know only to type in English. May I able to assist you in your tamil contribution.

Salut, J'utilise duolingo pour mon apprentissage le français et je parle tamil très bien. Puis je vous aider dans votre contribution linguistique?


Amazing work, Team English for Tamil! Looking forward to the release of the course!

Good luck with creating the tree! All of you are awesome! :)


Can I contribute


Why not? It's absolutely fine!


im actually so excited!!!!! finally tamil is being part of this!!! i also have a question is the tamil indian tamil or is it also with sri lankan tamil? also im just askingg. still very exciteddd....


We appreciate your enthusiasm! The course will use standard written Tamil so that both Indian and Sri Lankan Tamil speakers will be able to learn English with it.


I really hope the same contributors will be able to make a Tamil course for English speakers!


I have been applying to contribute to this course a lot of times and I get no reply at all. Please add me as a contributor to this course.


how can i contribute to this?


Hello there goosefield. I am trying to apply to be a contributor for this project. However I keep getting an error when I try to submit. Native English, Tamil and Malayalam speaker here. Look forward to your kind reply. Cheers!


Will, there be an English for Tamil speakers?


This has been going on for too long and you keep changing the due date of the release. You changed it to January but it is February now. This is ridiculous.


If you need a tester, I can help

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