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Korean learners should definitely check this YouTube channel out

About a week ago I began learning Korean on Duolingo. So far it’s going pretty well, however it can be very difficult at times.

A YouTube channel I like to watch regularly that may benefit some of you out there is sweetandtastyTV. You can choose to watch videos about Korean culture, which may be useful if you plan on visiting Korea. You can also watch some of her Korean lessons, which are actually very helpful. She describes things very well and can make learning Korean a little less painful.

In her KWOW episodes, she dresses up as different characters to make her videos more unique and fun to watch. I’ve been watching her videos way before the Korean course was on Duolingo, and they helped a lot.

Good luck learning Korean!

January 8, 2018



These are great suggestions.. thank you so much for sharing <3


I have already begun to watch those videos and I've gotta say it has really improved my korean skills

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