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  5. "如果你很懒,多儿会提醒你多练习。"


Translation:If you are lazy, Duo will remind you to practice more.

January 8, 2018



i seem to still get notifications even if ive been using the app all day (:


"If you are lazy' Duo will remind you to do more practice." should technically be correct


D: Beg for your life in Chinese or die




i answered practice for one question and got it told me to use study, and than i used study for this one and it said to use practice


Anyone that has done this course from beginning to end cannot be lazy. It's far more difficult and time consuming than many of the other language courses from Duo.

I have written down the answer to every question in Chinese characters, pinyin and English. That alone takes a lot of time and dedication. I've also had to supplement the course with study from many other sources because there are often occasions where you need further explanation than is given here to make the course effective.

I've been also doing French and Italian, and they seem like a breeze by comparison.


this "if you are very lazy, duo will remind you to study. " should be accepted or is something wrong?


You are missing the "more." 多练习 means "practice more". I would also say that 练习 should be "practice" not "study," and that 很 should not be translated to "very" here, but others may argue with me on those last two points.


Duo will threaten* you to practice more


What is the 兒 doing here?


It's part of Duo's Chinese name.


Thats the wrong duo. You meant to say this 多 I would think.

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