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In your language, how do you call an Afro ( very big curly hair) ?

In Turkish, it is called Bonus (the word was recently invented and comes from a popular TV commercial with the same name.)

January 8, 2018



Funny and interesting :)

In french, it would be simply "une afro", "une coupe afro" (Afro haircut) or "une coiffure afro" (Afro hairdo). We're not officially very keen on capitalizing things, the catch being that many individuals do capitalize a lot of words they're not supposed to. So you may see the form "Afro". Alternatively, we may call it "une coupe à la Jackson Five" (a Jackson Five hairdo) for I guess obvious reasons :)

Looking forward for more languages :)


ohhhhh ! "une coupe à la Jackson Five" (a Jackson Five hairdo) !
Thank you for sharing all of this. However it is this one that made me think "heeee heeee heeeeeeeee".


I find it cute, but I'd like to make sure no black person is offended by the term, as it was more in use in the Eighties. However, the Jackson Five were amazing :)

AronTrinidad makes me think to add that the general adjective for natural Afro type hair (long, short, or very short) is "crêpu", "crêpe" being a fabric with a texture to it. And "crêper les cheveux" is "teasing the hair"… French, ladies and gentlemen ;)


And another adjective would be "frisé", (not the same as "frizzy", that'd be "frisotté") which would be slightly less curly than "crêpu"…


In Brazilian Portuguese, it is often called "cabelo black power". That's right, it's black power hair lol.


Afro or afropallo, the latter of which means "afro ball". This is Finnish.


In Filipino, we address only one word to all kinds of curly hair, whether it would be like the curly hair of Frieda in Peanuts', the type of hair curl like Topsy on Uncle Tom's Cabin or just naturally curly, whatever. It is called "kùlot"


In polish it's just ''' Afro '' :)

[deactivated user]

    In Portuguese it's "Um penteado afro" (An afro haircut), or simply "um afro" (An afro).. so basically a loan word.


    In Dutch: Afrokapsel (Afro haircut)
    source: https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afrokapsel


    It seems like it's אפרו (afro) or שיער אפרו (afro hair) in Hebrew. But I'm not a native.


    Afro is spanish for afro


    I can't recall that we have a term for such thing in Arabic. There is a well known collocation "كثيف الشعر" which translates to "thick-haired".


    It's just Afro for me. I speak English, but a bit of Spanish

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