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"I hereby open the swimming pool!"

Translation:Hiermit eröffne ich das Schwimmbad!

January 8, 2018



Why not "öffne"?


öffnen is the regular "open" as in pulling on a door.

eröffnen is something like open for the first time: to start a conference, for example, or to make a building publicly accessible after construction has finished. There may be a ceremony involved with an Eröffnung.


Warum nicht "Ich eröffne hiermit das Schwimmbad"


That's correct, too.

(More commonly, by the way: "Hiermit erkläre ich / Ich erkläre hiermit das Schwimmbad für eröffnet" = "I hereby declare the pool to be open(ed)")


That's grammatically correct, though I would say it's less usual.

A bit like turning "I hereby open the swimming pool" into "I open the swimming pool hereby".

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