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Are the duolingo story voices robots?

they sound so real, so i was wondering if they were robot voices or not. Thanks!

January 8, 2018



The Duolingo team mentioned something about the voice actors not being professional as some people were complaining about quality when they were new, so I’m guessing they’re real people.


I complained about the breathing and mouth noises when they first rolled out. Haven't really been back since then, but I've heard many were re-recorded.

[deactivated user]

    Either they're next-gen robots... or I would argue they're real persons.


    There would be little point in getting robots to read the stories as it is a one off for each story/language, going to a single file. Unlike the sentences in the lessons which may change from time to time, would need to go to thousands of files, and where they want easy access to individual words.


    I remember Vivisaurus saying she was a voice for the Portuguese stories, or she used to be one, so probably.

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