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The skills are going down really fast

I like this app and use it a lot, more than hour a day, i almost finish all the skill (German) but every day too many skills go down and it annoying because i can do it again and again and it has no proportions with my free time every day. maybe something like "daily test" of 10-15 minutes will solve it instead of do those skills again and again. its exhausted and i'm about to give up with this app.

im not even talking about taking another language or even to have enough time for the stories (its great, BTW) - its impossible.

please try to make something that will encourage us and not to despair us.

thank you :)

January 8, 2018


[deactivated user]

    Yes, the skills go down somewhat fast but here's the thing... it's better to have some skills down than to give it up altogether. While it's nice to have the whole tree golden, if you can't afford the time then just work on the skills you feel you need the most.

    So, don't let that gold rush get you down... learn according to your daily available time. You're already on level 16, so it would be a shame to throw all that out the window.


    I'm pasting this from elsewhere because I think it's relevant.

    If you feel you understand what you've learned, you don't have to gild lessons before moving on.

    My rule of thumb: if you're doing new lessons and they're really hard or you're making a lot of mistakes/it's taking you a long time to get through a lesson, then you're probably going too fast and should slow down. If you're zooming through with no mistakes, then you could stand to go a bit faster. If you're making some mistakes on new lessons, but only on the new material, then you're probably going at about the right speed for you.

    Duolingo tracks when you use hints or make mistakes, so if you are gilding but making errors, then your gilding won't last very well.

    It's possible of course that you have some sort of bug; on any given skill, I have found that redoing the individual lessons and then doing a strengthen makes a skill very solidly gold. If you do this (without errors or using hints), and the skill still decays quickly, it's probably worth sending Duolingo a big report.

    However, there really isn't any obligation to keep your skills gold as you go along, and if you are finding new skills are not too hard, then you can ignore your decayed skills without guilt!


    Although there is an algorithm, it has some flaws. I agree with Nuno275251 -work on what you think you need - and keep moving forward. I've found that when I spend a lot of time on Duolingo, more skills degrade.

    [deactivated user]

      EL5tEL, are you still following this thread?


      I feel the pain. I have passed the last checkpoint but can't seem to get anywhere now. Every day at least four or five past skills light up. I keep going 1 step forward and three back. I too have been wondering if continuing with Duo is fruitless.

      While I would prefer all gold skills I guess I'll just have to take the others' advice and just ignore those and keep moving forward. At this point I just want to get through it and be done with it.

      [deactivated user]

        Every day at least four or five past skills light up.

        My tree lights up a minimum of 8/9 skills everyday. It might have to do with your daily practice habits... where you are in the tree... Nobody knows for sure how the algorithm works so we can only guess.

        But yeah, don't make it a battle against the tree. Just because it lights up a particular skill doesn't necessarily mean your not good at it... It's just Duolingo suggesting you skills to work on... better think this way.


        So many are going down because you're doing so many lessons a day. If you were being more of a casual learner they would go down slower because you'd have practiced the early ones so much when you had only a few. Don't worry about keeping them gold - you can even use bringing them back up as your next challenge when you finish the course!


        I definitely agree, I struggle enough trying to keep my Italian tree golden, and when you're learning multiple languages, it's even worse. I feel that Duolingo should indeed try to slow the rate of "decaying" so that people don't waste too much time trying to gold the tree, and instead be motivated to go deeper into the tree.

        But as another Duolingo user said, "At the end of the day, why are we here? To learn a language or to keep some virtual tree golden?"

        [deactivated user]

          Besides, imagine if the tree was always golden... Personally I would go "meh", and be left with a false sense of accomplishment. It's a fine balance really.

          And of course, they want you to keep using the site... so these skills must keep lighting up... ;)


          I did my German tree in 9 days (no prior experience) and kept it gold the whole time, and then within a few days most of it un-gilded and I had to work through it again over the course of a couple weeks (much more slowly that time). Now I've been working for 2.5 months and usually only one or two skills ungild every day, even though I only do around 30-50 XP most days.

          [deactivated user]

            The whole tree in 9 days? That's way too much too fast...


            I wanted to get an overview of all the material quickly... My main interest is understanding German-language texts, so I wanted to be at least passingly familiar with as many grammatical structures as I could. I definitely didn't master the material the first time around, but by now I've memorized most of the lessons on Duolingo. Now I'm doing the German course on Babbel as well, and I started from the beginning so I could reinforce concepts I learned too quickly. Works for me! I think the key is continuing to study instead of losing interest once the tree is gold.

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