Translation:Cold season

January 8, 2018

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I've reported it, but the cold season is called "winter" in English


But what about the rainy season? Isn't it the case that the seasons winter, spring, summer and fall/autumn just don't translate directly or meaningfully into Swahili?


Where I'm from, Summer is the rainy season and Winter is dry. We call it summer because it's the warmest season. Winter is the coldest season, irrespective of whether it rains or snows or stays dry.


Well, where I'm from (England), every season is the rainy season ;) Depending where you live in the world, variations in rainfall may be more distinctive than variations in temperature.

I find it hard to translate "season of short rains" and "long rains season" into English equivalents. Is it obvious which one should be translated as "spring" and which as "autumn/fall"?

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