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"She does not wear a red hat, but a green one."

Translation:Sie trägt keinen roten Hut, sondern einen grünen.

January 8, 2018



May I know why it is 'sondern'? Can I use 'aber' instead?


It is sondern because you are correcting one word and replacing it with another.

aber does not have this correcting/replacing meaning -- it's more of an "but on the other hand" whereas sondern is "but instead" or "but rather".


Akkusativ männlich --> -en


Is "einen grünen" male accusative? Is "grün" when used as a noun not neuter? I used to get feedback via e-mail if someone responded to my comments. That does not happen anymore. It also used to be possible to "foĺlow discussion" , an option I dont get anymore.


Is "einen grünen" male accusative

Masculine accusative, yes.

Is "grün" when used as a noun not neuter?

it’s not a noun; it’s still an adjective.

In English, you need a dummy noun “one” in this situation but in German you can just use the adjective in the form it would have if the noun were there — thus einen grünen Hut “a green hat” becomes einen grünen “a green one”.

She doesn’t have “green” (the colour).


Duo, could you post a short "explanation" about this specific theme? It is being very hard. Thank you.


The prompt should be "rather a green one" to imply sondern

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