"Eu o cad din pat ."

Translation:I will fall from the bed.

January 8, 2018



When do we use 'din' and when 'de pe' ? "Eu cad de pe masa" but "Eu o sa cad din pat" - why ?

January 8, 2018

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In the context of people going to bed we usually use "ÎN / DIN", because these words have the sense of insideness. We more or less dip into the soft elastic mattress, so even though we are still ON the bed (as opposed to being under), we are to some extent INSIDE.

On the other hand, we don't dip into the table, because tables are generally hard objects.

For the same reason "Mergem PRIN iarbă." (literally "We walk through the grass." | our feet are dipped into the grass; the grass is not just under our feet, but around our feet as well). However, "Mergem PE pământ." (We walk on the earth.) But if it has just rained, then "Mergem PRIN noroi." (We walk through the mud.)

More examples:

  • Eu o să mă urc ÎN şi o să cad DIN: pat (bed), copac (tree), pod (attic), maşină (car - inside).

  • Eu o să mă urc PE şi o să cad DE PE: masă (table), acoperiş (roof), pod (bridge), maşină (car - outside).

January 10, 2018


Cad recording is bad, I can hear Cadă

October 27, 2018


So is this correct? O să cad în pat. I fall into bed. O să cad din pat. I fall out of bed. ???

January 15, 2018


"O sa cad in pat" is no a correct form. "O sa cad din pat" translates "I will fall from bad". There is the possibility to say "O sa cad pe pat" (I will fall on the bad)

February 8, 2018


Although it does sound funny with "a cădea" / "to fall", it is technically not incorrect to use "în pat" with a different verb (ex.: "a (se) prăbuși" / "to collapse (oneself)":

Sunt atât de obosit încât, de cum ajung acasă, o să mă prăbușesc în pat.

I am so tired that, as soon as I get home, I will collapse into bed.

But yeah, it does sound a bit strange with "to fall"...

March 4, 2019
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