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Problem with new students joining my classrooms

I have two new students trying to join my classroom and it says an unknown error occurred. I tried it through Progress Sharing and through giving them the code. Neither works. Any suggestions?

January 8, 2018



Can you describe the methods you're using to add them to your classroom in more detail? The two different ways you've described sound like the same way to me - visit the Progress Sharing part of the student's setting, and enter your classroom code. Is that what you did? At what point does it give you an error?


Last week most of my students also got an error message on both the android and iphone app while trying to add my class to their progress sharing. Most of them were able to go to the browser and type in the website that has the code at the end from the PDF and it added them that way. I have one student that we tried on her phone and on a laptop today and it wouldn't put her in the class.


Have you solved this problem? Cause Im facing the same issue

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