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Achievements: is it new on duolingo ?

Today I come on duolingo and a lot of messages appears: "achievement unlocked !" I've never seen them before, is it a new on duolingo ?

I am french so excuse my bad english level, I hope I didn't make mistakes ! You can reply me in french if you want.

January 8, 2018



I just checked and I have them as well. It seems Duolingo has released Achievements for all users! Perhaps we'll get an announcement in the coming hours or days.


Thanks OmegaGmaster.


Yes, this is a new feature. Croissant! :D As much French as I speak.


Oui, oui, je suis le baguette. Honhonhonhon.

[deactivated user]

    That's "la baguette".

    What's it like being a stick? XD


    These are my current skill limits in French too :P


    It's not new, it has been on mobile for quite some time already.


    How exciting! I have had Achievements on my Android device for a while now - it's great to see them on the website too.

    J'amerai beaucoup pouvoir parler le Français tellement bien que vous parlez l'Anglais.


    Merci. Vous parlez bien français aussi !


    They had an A/B test in the middle of last year for Android so I’m guessing they’re keeping the feature.


    Thank you DragonPolyglot. I've never used Duolingo on Android that's why I didn't know.


    Hi Eriu_1, Achievement badges have been A/B tested for some Android users from about 8 months ago. The rest of us who weren't in that group had no access to it. That is until now. So it is not new for some people, but yes to those who were not in the test group.


    Hello, thank you for your reply. I think it's a motivation, a great idea for all users.


    Je pense que c'est quelque chose de nouveau.


    I got them too.....


    i think it is knew


    Yes, that's what they do now instead of focusing on useful updates.


    Why do people always whine about everything that isn't directly linked to languages??? "Oh, it's not language related but just meant to motivate people, let's give some completely useless comments about that".

    Does this negatively impact you in any kind of way? I don't think so... If you're not negatively impacted by it in any kind of way, why whine? It's just whining for the sake of it.

    [deactivated user]

      It's useful in terms of user retention.


      Oui, c'est une nouvelle partie du profil et avant c'était seulement pour les utilisateurs de l'application Android. J'espère que tu me comprends. ^^;


      Merci. Bien sûr que j'ai compris, c'est un sans faute. Vous parlez très bien français :)


      yes i think so, i just got some today, i really like them, they are cool


      I don't think it is new I have been getting them for a while


      Oui, it is. I really like it. It gives me a sense of self-completion.


      I just logged in and got mine! Yay! :D


      however now we can't see peoples streak count anymore? isn't this annoying for people with big streaks? I mean when you view their profile


      i think they are new

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