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  5. "one coat, two coats"

"one coat, two coats"

Translation:ein Mantel, zwei Mäntel

January 8, 2018



Is there a compelling reason why Jacke / Jacken shouldn't be accepted?


Especially since it offers Jacke in the "hover over" hints as an option


hints as an option

The hints are not "answers" or "suggestions" or "options". They may or may not be appropriate. You cannot rely on them.

They can only serve to jog your memory, but you have to know which of them are appropriate.


Is there a compelling reason why Jacke / Jacken shouldn't be accepted?

eine Jacke, zwei Jacken is accepted.

Do you have a screenshot of that answer being rejected?

(ein Jacke, zwei Jacken is, of course, wrong, since Jacke is feminine and so you need the feminine eine before it, not the masculine/neuter ein.)


If eins is one, and ein/einer/einem is 'a', then why is "one coat" not "eins Mantel"? Especially in the context of "one coat, two coats".

Saying "i need a coat" seems imprecise, whereas saying "i need one coat" is slightly more accurate.


The number is called "eins". We say: eins, zwei, drei,... and we say eins, zwei, drei Tiere. But we say ein Tier, zwei Tiere, drei Tiere.

"I need one coat." is always "Ich brauche einen Mantel." (accusative: "einen Mantel").

"One coat is enough." = "Ein Mantel ist genug." (nominative: ein Mantel)


thank you... i had exactly the same query as cchirdon!!


Rot Mäntel, Blau Mäntel


Putting on two coats! That's mental!

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