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Achieved all achievements :) Are they currently an A/B test?

Does everyone get to see their achievements, or just some people they're testing it on?

January 8, 2018



Everyone seems to be getting them now. I got them today and I've never had them.


All the programming time spent for silly stuff like these achievements seems like a waste of time to me.

Couldn't they just improve the language courses? Adding audio to Swahili, expanding a few of the more popular courses, improving or adding missing grammar notes and tips, adding more bonus skills?

Or maybe bring back translation or bring back our activity streams and let users communicate with each other again?

Instead we have the useless "fluency meter" which means nothing, lingots which buy basically nothing (have they added a single thing to the store in the past 3 years?), and now these silly achievements.

It's fine if they want to add more and more game-like features, but it seems like they don't really care about or put any effort into the basic content (language courses). Many of the courses seem to been abandoned, sort of left in a limbo of "sort of done", "beta", "good enough, I guess."


On the one hand, I agree that these features seem frivolous and useless at best, if not actively bothersome (I came to the forums now to find out if there was a way to disable achievements, as having to dismiss a stack of popups when I log on is not a helpful addition to my session).

On the other hand, I don't think it's a resource conflict as the software developers and the course contributors are not the same people (or if there is a crossover of personnel, it's negligible).


Yes, everyone can see their achievements.

From what i've heard, achievements were tested on the android app 8 months before this, and are now released for everyone on Duo's website.


I also have them on the website for months.


They have been testing it since June or July last year so I’m assuming they’re available for everyone now.


no everybody sees their achievements


Haven't got any yet.


I go lengthy periods with no achievements then suddenly will receive a whole batch of them. Today was one of those days. One that I received was for sure wrong. Something such as 20 lessons in a row with no mistakes. I don't believe I have even gone 5 lessons without a mistake.

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