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Chinese words list and meaning

I am trying to collect all the chinese words (of this course) and their meaning.

As a start I have created and posted the list at https://duolingo-mandarin-chinese.netlify.com/

Please note that I have not verified the contents.

Comments/Suggestions are welcome.

Updated on 14 Nov 2018

I am no longer maintaining this list.

Please checkout https://github.com/anki-decks/anki-deck-for-duolingo-chinese/blob/master/words.tsv which is maintained by Nicholas and Leon

January 8, 2018



That is absolutely amazing! A true accomplishment, I applaud you!!


Good job, thanks.


Great list. Thanks!


Thank you Harry297270 and Wadafik.

I have updated the contents

1) Added Traditional Chinese Characters (if they are different from the simplified one)

2) Cleaned up some of the definitions.


谢谢。我很感激!Xièxiè. Wǒ hěn gǎnjī! Thanks. I am grateful!

你的词汇表很真棒。Nǐ de cíhuì biǎo hěn zhēn bàng. Your vocabulary list is awesome.


That's really great, super thank you very much, we do appretiate this!


This is so helpful, anishcr, thank you so much!


You are welcome.


Want any help? I'm a native Chinese Speaker.


Thanks a lot for the offer. Appreciate it. I am not maintaining this list for some time now, so currently there isn't anything that is required.


Love it! Stand by!! Seriously, I’d be grateful to run the odd thing past you :)


Hi White-Camillia, Thank you for the offer. Although we haven't worked on it for 1.5 months, "knu" started a GitHub project (link at the top) to maintain and improve upon "anishcr"s word list. I have been collaborating with him and our goals are to complete a manual review of the word list, turn it into a usable flash card deck, and provide an an enhanced website. Currently we are about 1/3 of the way through the manual review of the Duolingo vocab list and we would welcome any help and input are able to provide. Thanks!


Hello White-Camillia. Yes we need help from a Chinese speaker, thanks a lot!!! If you are OK with technical things, here is the best way to help: https://github.com/anki-decks/anki-deck-for-duolingo-chinese#help-us-fix-mistakes If it is too complex, just create a GitHub account and report errors at https://github.com/anki-decks/anki-deck-for-duolingo-chinese/issues/new Looking forward to your feedback :-)


this is amazing! thanks!


Fantastic! Thanks for putting in the effort and for sharing this with us. Here is a lingot for you!


谢xiè谢xie 你nǐ 周zhōu全quán 我wǒ们men。


In your vocab list, Lesson 2, you have shen and shi in the same box, as if "what" and "ten" share a meaning. I think you meant to put them in separate boxes, to follow your own format.
I like the way you listed the vocabulary very much. Thank you for taking the time to do that for us. Ms. Eva M.


Thank you very much for your kind and encouraging words.

I am a beginner in Mandarin, so please take whatever I write below with "tons" of salt!

About, "什", my understanding is that it can be pronounced in two ways - " "shén" for "what" and "shí" for "ten (used in fractions, writing checks etc) / assorted / miscellaneous"

The examples i have when 什 is pronounced shi are 布什 - bù shí - Bush - The "Bush" in George Bush, former US President 家什 - jiā shí - furniture, tools, utensils 形各种各样的; 混杂的什物 - xíng gè zhǒng gè yàng de; hùnzá de shíwù - Various kinds of mixed things


感谢您的帮助 / Gǎnxiè nín de bāngzhù . Thank you for the help


This is wonderful, thank you!


Thanks a lot! I was doing it on paper and now I can keep track of everything on my computer as well!


Please let me know if there any missing or incorrect entries.


Amazing list Anish. It has really helped me with my plug in since you sent it a few days ago.


Good to know that my word list is useful. Your plug in will help lots of learners like me than this list. Looking forward to get that plug in completed with all words covered.




This is great ... thank you .... I will definitely use it!


Thank you so much for doing this! I can't imagine the work it took to do it and I can't thank you enough! This is so useful!


Thank you OliverBens7.


Merci! Thanks! 谢谢!Lingots for you ....




Thank you for this, it will be very helpful!


Glad to finally have this! Thanks!


Thanks a ton! I can't tell you how thankful I am for this word list! Thank you! 谢谢你!

[deactivated user]



    In this regard, you will find here: http://hackage.haskell.org/package/cndict-0.2.4/src/data/SUBTLEX_CH_131210_CE.utf8 an amazing frequency list starting with the most common used words and their pinyin transcription and definition. I also have a few other lists and dictionaries collected on one page: http://paroissien-linguists.com/#chn for people interested in writing Chinese using the Cangjie input. You can use this Chinese traditional to simplified list of characters: https://hackage.haskell.org/package/cedict-0.2.5/src/c/data.h if you want to design a basic program to convert your text from one to the other.


    Really helpful, thank you so much!


    This is great! Thanks! I'm doing simple worksheets to review what i've learned and this has been incredibly useful!


    Does anyone know where can i find the phrases contained in the lessons?


    Fabulous resource! Thank you so much :)


    Thank you so much!


    This is absolutely awesome! 谢谢你!!! I gave you enough Lingots to get you to 100 :) I know it is a small gesture and 14 bitcoins probably would have been a lot nicer, but I only have Lingots to give, haha :) Huge thanks for doing this!


    Thank you.

    You are most welcome to use this work anywhere.


    Hi Leon! You were talking about making an Anki deck. Actually I have made an Anki deck based on this list: https://github.com/nicolas-raoul/anki-deck-for-duolingo-chinese In the last few days, Anish told me he is not interested in maintaining the list, so I have proposed taking over the maintenance, and Anish accepted. If you are OK, let's collaborate on this at the URL above :-)


    Hello Nicolas, thanks for taking over this list from me. Hope your anki deck will be useful to a much larger audience.


    Hi Nicolas and Anish, Thank you both. Related to the Anki deck, I edited my comment above because I was uncertain whether Duolingo would frown upon it, but I reviewed your "Guidelines" in the Github project and I agree that as long as we stick with vocabulary, it should be ok. I appreciate that you already got this started and I will happily work with you on improving it. I have joined the Github project, and I will start playing around with it more tomorrow. Thanks!




    Why does DuoLingo only have Chinese (Simplified)? Can't they also have Chinese (Traditional)? :/


    Only simplified I think, unfortunately. The words list contains the traditional characters too, so learning them as well can be a way to supplement the lessons.


    Very cool. I just started with Duolingo and was looking for a way to train the words with Anki, because it has better Pinyin support. The GitHub repository also contains an Anki deck.


    Thank you so much! Super helpful!


    Thanks a lot! Amazing list, makes it much easier to copy onto paper :)

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