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Japanese - suggestion on how to study please

Could someone please give me some suggestion on how to learn the grammar for the Japanese lesson?

January 8, 2018



To understand the Japanese sentence structure, click here.

For lessons prepared by duolingo to supplement the Japanese course, see this guide.

There is a Japanese lesson series prepared by one of duolingo users in this post, and includes grammar lessons.

The Tae Kim's Guide to learning Japanese is also a great resource for beginner/intermediate level learners.

To find books and other resource recommendations, check this resource collection post.

More resources here and here.


Tae Kim's Guide is a wonderful resource. Thanks for sharing.


I learned first on a great app called Human Japanese (i stopped though because only the first was free and then you have to keep buying lessons) even if you only go through the free version it has a lot of good explanations.


I would recommend buying Human Japanese. the bundle for the two (beginner, intermediate) is maybe USD$15-20 and is really outstanding for learning about japanese writing system, grammar, vocabulary, culture.

i.e. it's a "pay-once-and-use" app. you don't have to pay to unlock lessons or anything. rather, once you get through enough chapters to see whether or not the app is helping you, you are required to buy the full version of the app in order to access all the content.

but if one is unable to afford the Human Japanese beginner & intermediate apps, the "Lite" version is definitely worth a go!


I would recommend LingoDeer. It certainly helped me.


Try using memrise. Its a flashcard setting and its very repetitive.


I love Memrise, but I don't think it teaches any grammar

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