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Greek Keyboard

I am an experienced Greek learner, as I have gone through seven years of Greek school. I want to use Duolingo as a way to practice my Greek, but I am on a computer and do not have a Greek keyboard. Could someone please add a Greek keyboard? It is quite hard to translate sentences when you have to translate the sentence into the english pronounciation.

Thank you!

January 8, 2018



You can very easily access the Greek keyboard on your computer. Translating the Greek into English pronunciation is not the way to learn.

Check this out: These links will not only show you how to get the Greek keyboard but also how to find the Greek letters on it.


It will also help you learn the alphabet and where to find other useful links.

And here is another to help you navigate Duolingo

FAQ - General Questions, Bugs & Reports


Some simple rules to get you started:

  1. Always read the comments before posting.

  2. Read the Tips & notes right below the list of lessons on your Home page

  3. Read the drop down hints. Pass your cursor over a word and a list of words will appear.


You could just add it as another system language and then switch from english to greek keyboard when you practice it. I do the same with Norwegian to get the umlauts.

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