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Really wish streaks weren't so... fragile.

So this week, I lost my ~860 day streak. No idea why, but my best guess is that it's a result of using an old app version. Or, maybe it was the timezone issue that's gotten me at least twice before in years gone by. This is where it's telling me I have X hours left to meet the day's requirement, when there are still X+Y hours left in my local day. I don't know of anywhere or any way in the interface where to investigate or correct this, but I have an inkling that if I don't practice before 8pm local, I lose my streak (I suppose I could and should test this). Or, maybe it's just a bug. My dashboard was telling me I hadn't practiced for three days, and that's utterly ridiculous because I do so every single time my app reminds me, which is every single day. Even if I goofed up one time, I had a streak freeze in place, and I certainly would NOT miss three straight days. Impossible. I've been right here, same old, same old. After 860 consecutive days, I hope you can take my word for it.

I understand you can now purchase your streak back for cash? Uh... yeah... I'm gonna just ...walk away from that and all of the questionable aspects of it.

So, anyway, I'm not going to make a big deal out of the streak loss or try to get it back. I was planning to touch 1000 days and then forfeit it anyway, because of how fragile the whole thing is. It's hanging the hopes of a personal goal on something that appears to be buggy. I've lost it at least three times and to this day I still cannot put a personal reason on any of them. And I guess that's why I'm bothering to post about it at all. I want to ask others if they have experienced similar, and maybe even ask Duo: what the heck is going on with this?

It's all a shame because, I'd say the whole point and pull of a streak is that it keeps you coming back. I realize that I have to keep this up on my own now (I was going to after 1000 anyway), and Duo is offering new stuff which seems fun (I've only done one story so far but it was a fantastic experience; I hope Duo keeps them coming). Plus, since you can set your daily goal to as low as one point, let's face it: a streak can be gamed, anyway. I'm trying to convince myself that I'll keep at Duo even without that dangling carrot, and I'll be better off for it: intrinsically motivated rather than enslaved by a slowly incrementing number.

Have others had this happen? Is there established evidence of a bug? A time zone problem? Something?

Is there any other achievement (not like the new ones), similar, and less fragile, Duo could do to dangle a daily carrot? Mini-streaks, and streaks of those? Ways to earn streaks back after loss (grind 100xp out to get your streak back), etc... (I realize that one won't happen as it is now monetized). Edit: Maybe for every day you miss, 50 days are deducted from your streak? Thoughts and ideas?

January 8, 2018



It's not buggy if you use the website. But peruse the forums a bit and you'll see that application users often complain about broken streaks.


Just from looking at your streak...I believe you.


That certainly could be the case. I use the website probably 98% of the time, but of course, it takes only a single crack to bring down the dam...

That's one crazy streak you've got going there. ;)


My dashboard was telling me I hadn't practiced for three days, and that's utterly ridiculous because I do so every single time my app reminds me, which is every single day.

Is there established evidence of a bug

1) Losing a streak is a common complaint from people using the Duolingo App

(For users of the web version (www.duolingo.com) I see complaints from people, who are using outdated browsers and/or operating systems.)

It's always a good idea ....

  • to check that your phone / tablet has had a chance to synchronise with Duolingo's servers.

Why would it not synchronise? My Wifi/4G/LTE is okay

Because Duolingo has issues in synchronising, almost every day.

Always check if your phone had synchronised with the Duolingo servers after doing a lesson. Sometimes it can take 5-10 minutes after finishing a lesson in the App.

  • have always Duolingo's web version open in the browser of your phone
  • set this browser in Desktop mode
  • refresh your browser after each lesson in the App, and check if the amount of XP increased in the browser with the web version.

2) Use the tips in this post


Just found that streaks have disappeared from my and my friends' profiles, and on checking a few others that they seem to have disappeared generally from profiles, just today . Has anyone else found this? Maybe its a sign that Duo is going to phaseout streaks? If so, maybe because of problems like yours in losing streaks? The only place that I can still streaks for other people is on discussions.


i think that you should be able to unlock mini-games (or another incentive) when you get a 50 day streak, 100,150 etc


My condolences. You have eloquently stated the problem. I like your comment about completing lessons for their intrinsic value rather than Duolingo's dangling carrot. I'm tempted to just let my streak go - it is not all together healthy. I feel a tad obsessed. It doesn't make up for your loss of a streak but here is a lingot.

[deactivated user]

    Wow! So sorry about that. For me, a streak is not one of life's greatest achievements, but it's something really encouraging to have. If I were you, I would be glad I had an 860 day streak (even if it didn't last) and just keep doing your daily lessons--trying to achieve an even bigger one. :)


    I had the same problem yesterday, I lost my 121 streak (not as serious as yours, but still). My daily goal is 50 xp and I really thought I had reached 61 xp, but the next day... POOF. gone.


    Ugh... Sorry that happen. I agree with Wambatua- there's a plethora of info. on losing streaks.


    I'm sorry you lost your streak

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