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What are these new features?

I recently logged in at Duolingo and found all of those achievement waiting there for me. Is it a new feature that Duolingo just unveiled? I hope it will motivate me and others to be more committed to daily practice. (Hint to my brother). But I personally think profiles look worse with them.

January 8, 2018



They had it for a while and were testing them, now everyone has them. I think it’s to make the experience more enjoyable and encourage others.


I don't have them yet, and I'm glad, because my friend has them and I personally think it looks worse with them.


i got them in late november


I have them in the app only. Not on the website.

[deactivated user]

    They were available on the app version for quite a while but only now have they decided to bring it to the PC version.


    I like them, the little reward systems make me feel like I'm really doing something, with other learning apps sometimes i'd work for years and not really feel like i was getting anywhere duolingo does a good job of saying "look how hard you're working!" and "look how far you've gotten!".


    The same thing happened to me! I think it was just a new feature.


    But I personally think profiles look worse with them.

    It's just displayed too big in my opinion.

    Ideally they'd also add something like 3 "slots" beneath the profile pictures of people in which they can place badges corresponding to having completed a tree, an achievement, Duolingo Plus badge, etc...


    Just popped up out of nowhere.

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    There was a lot of empty space after Duo discontinued the Activity stream, so it's filled now with these badges

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