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  5. "좌회전은 어떻게 해요?"

"좌회전은 어떻게 해요?"

Translation:How do you turn left?

January 8, 2018



Boy! Just turn left!


What is the difference of 좌회전 to 왼족?


좌회전 is more for the actual action of a turn, versus 왼족 is just the side of something or a relative position to, for example, yourself. For what it's worth, although it's grammatically proper to use 좌회전 when giving directions in a car, a native Korean speaker will fully understand what you mean if you say something like "다음 사거리에서 왼족에 가세요."


I'm not an ambi-turner!


I have asked this out loud, driving on main streets in big cities. You can go at least a dozen blocks stuck in the left lane without a single intersection where you can turn left if needed.


"What on earth are you trying to do, MacGregor? It's not that hard, just turn the wheel in the direction you want to go!"


Oh you're really such a innocent, who even don't know how to turn left!!!. But nevermind i can teach you . So.......... To Turn left follow the steps given below :- •Stand up forwarding the head •Recall from which hand you write, that hand is right . And the hand which is not right is left. So i think now you know what is left and what is right •Then start facing your left side . •Then turn your whole body to your left side. • Then walk forward. CONGRATULATIONS MR. BOY YOU ARE SUCCESSFULLY TURNED LEFT.


I think it's about turning left when you are driving


If you already in left,how do you turn left? I'm so curious dUo

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