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"Kde ses narodila ty, v Čechách nebo na Moravě?"

Translation:Where were you born, in Bohemia or in Moravia?

January 8, 2018



why do you use v for Čechách but na for Moravě?


Why do you use "ses" rather than "se", here?


"ses" is a correct short form which is used instead of *"jsi se" which is not considered correct (but you can often hear it). So it is a reflexive form of "být / to be" in second person singular.

já jsem se narodil(a,o)

ty ses narodil(a,o)

on(a,o) se narodil(a,o)

my jsme se narodili(y)

vy jste se narodili(y)

oni(y,a) se narodili(y,a)

The auiliary verb was not needed for clarity in the third person so it has not been used there for hundreds of years. It is just "se" and the (je(st)/jsou) is elided.

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