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Wirklich in sentences?

Hi everyone. I've seen people use 'wirklich' in sentences like in the following: 'Das ist wirklich gut' 'Ich habe das wirklich gemacht'. Are these sentences correct and do they mean the same thing as it would in English? So like it's good but just better. And in the second sentence like just confirming that you really did something if someone is skeptical of weather you really did something. It is really* good.

Ist das wirklich richtig?

Grüße liebe.


January 8, 2018



Yes, you can use it pretty much the same as English. You could also use doch in the second sentence if you were trying to dispel some doubt in the listener's mind. Like you didn't believe me, aber ich habe das doch gemacht.


Yes, I would say. For the meaning "Das ist wirklich gut", I would translate it to "That is really good". Your second example is a little trickier, "Ich habe das wirklich gemacht" could mean "I really did it" but also with the underlaying "I did it and I did it really good". I would say you need the situation to tell what the real meaning is. If one have done something really bad I think you could use the phrase there too, it depends on how you pronounce it.


I don't think "Ich habe das wirklich gemacht" has any connotation of doing a good job. It just means "I really did it" like in English - either "No, I'm not lying, I really/truly did it" or "I didn't think I could/would do it, but look at this - I really/actually did it! Yay!".

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