"Sipendi kupika hata kula"

Translation:I don't like to cook even to eat

January 8, 2018

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The English "I don't like to cook even to eat" sounds unnatural and there is no reporting option which suits that. Anyone else thinks the same ?


If you deliberately put in a wrong answer, then it will suggest this answer and you can press report and then "The 'correct' answer has an error or is unnatural."


But how can you go back a second time to put a wrong answer in? (I sometimes want to re-do a lesson, but the only option seems to be simply to review the answers you gave before, and see the correct answers, no chance to do the lesson again.)


I think it's kind of OK if you have a comma after "cook", but then, I'm not sure if this is supposed to mean:

(1) I don't like to cook, not even (in order) to eat.
(2) I don't like to cook, or even (to) eat.



It would be 2. (shown by hata - with negation "not even")


AGreatUserName: One could also add another alternate translation; e.g., "I don't even like to cook!"


Sounds unnatural to me, an English native speaker. "I don't like cooking or eating" or (in a literary style) "I like neither to cook nor to eat"?


I am English and it sounds OK to me, but I would put a comma after "cook". It would be better with "not even".

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