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Can "achievements" be disabled?

Having to dismiss a series of popups when I log on detracts from my session rather than adding to it.

Thanks in advance if a setting to disable achievement notifications can be pointed out :)

EDIT: Glad to note that it indeed seems that the army of notifications en masse was a one-off.

January 8, 2018



I believe it's mostly to increase motivation. :) You should probably try to explain what is that you don't like about the achievement. The staff will likely read some comments around, and if there are suggestions for improvement, they may actually implement them.

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May I? I'll be short...

  1. Achievements didn't fall from the sky. They spent time and resources to make them instead of... oh, well, read the Troubleshooting forum to see instead of what.

  2. Right now, Achievements occupies the place where the good old Activity Stream was = the precious feature for interaction with friends (in the Profile). So Duo, in fact, replaced something a lot of users cried for for a long time, making petitions for getting it back etc., with some nice graphics.

  3. Also, on the homepage, Achievements occupies the place where Leaderboard was = the list of friends. I know the Leaderboard is just under, but... do you see the trend? It looks like friends are slowly being pushed away. Not nice, Duo! They could have put Achievements under the Leaderboard, so we don't have to scroll to see our friends.

  4. This splash of colors that the Achievements panel looks like makes it the most eye attracting and distracting element in the economy of the Homepage layout. Bad UX choice, as these Achievements are not the most important thing on a language learning site. Especially for not-so-new users that don't need to be constantly reminded of having finished a tree or having spent a number of lingots and so on. And how come I have 2/3 stars on the Friendly graphics, but 0/1 on the Friendly bar?

  5. Motivation. Compared to the motivation our wonderful community brings, Achievements are... a joke? Well, it might work for a little while as a motivator for new users, but for many not-so-new users, the moment Achievements were added they were already accomplished. This brings a game-over feeling... After being accomplished, all that remains are just some nice graphics, basically still images. Ornaments. On the other hand, the old Fluency Rating, Daily Goal, Day Streak, units' gold/ungold, tree XP, and Leaderboard, are all dynamically adjusting according to our efforts. This real-time feedback is nice to have.

The graphics are really nice. Congratulations to the graphic designers! But their placement is not nice at all. In fact, a better place for them would be a gaming site like Kongregate. Here on Duo we should focus on learning, and the ratio between esthetics and functionality should be more carefully thought. You know, not even on the gaming sites are the achievements so ostentatiously displayed on the homepage.

My suggestion is to bring us some more interesting achievements like:

  • active study time per day / month / year / tree / language etc.

  • percentage of correct answers in strengthening exercises per week / month / tree etc.

  • number of words learned (number of lexemes + total number) per tree, per language (cumulated trees), per month, per year, per beer, per whatever...

  • including words from the Stories. They should be included in general strengthening, so we can repeat them using the SRS algorithm. Somebody* already started to make tiny cards for the French stories. Why not integrate them into the trees? Duo's vocabulary needs to be expanded.

For all of the above:

  • just don't make them so distracting

  • and don't put them on the homepage

  • please!

*Sitesurf, you are wonderful! :)


Having to dismiss a series of popups when I log on .....

Please, check your settings.
I don't get any popups when I log in. Neither in the Android App nor in www.duolingo.com
My settings:


  • all Notifications OFF (Practice reminder, New follower, Someone passes me, Club activity
  • all General OFF (Sound effects, Motivational messages)


  • General: 4 of 5 Off
    (Email me when: Somebody friends me, Somebody passes me, My weekly progress report is ready, Somebody responds to a discussion I'm following)


I just noticed this too. I saw this feature on the app before but I don't see any official posts from the staff at the time of the writing of this comment. My guess is that there is no way to disable it and that you just have to click the close button until they all go away.

If this is an A/B test and not all accounts have it, you could try creating a whole new account. I'm pretty sure, however, that next time you log on you will not receive the long series of popups.

Edit: It's not an A/B test. You just have to ignore it if you don't like it.

Edit: I've heard some users say that they don't have it. Very puzzled about the situation ...


Thing is, this is not an A/B test anymore and all users have this now.


I still don't, and I honestly hope it stays that way.


Really wish I could do so..


Go to your setting and disable the notifications


Where do you see that option?


Sad to see that they prefer to spend time and resources for such silly things instead of restoring activity and messages.


Since this "silly thing" was already working on the app, it probably took only a small amount of concentration and time to put on the web version. It hardly affected other plans that Duolingo has at all.

Really you must at some time be grateful for the amazing language learning resource you have and try to get around the nuances that you get when you go with a free resource.


I up-voted your thread.

I also want to opt-out, as there is a new problem with two missing user name fields:

Web profile achievements view broke profile page forname and surname-plz add back: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25833015


I want to turn achievements off because I find it distracts from my learning. I don't want to try for achievements like finish number 1 in diamond league, but leaving it not achieved bothers me so I wish I could turn off achievements altogether.

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