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Second complete tree.

I finished my second tree today - French; both it and Italian are golden. For the moment. DuoLingo hands out participation awards for just about everything: Finishing a skill, leveling up, winning your wager, etc. How about a little pat on the back for finishing a tree? Got to the end and nada, niente, nichts, de rien. I know - I figured it out - click on the owl and your get your attendance trophy.

This is, of course, not a REAL complaint. I'm in this for the knowledge and the retained knowledge, not for the acknowledgments. A few months ago, I got on a "point-craze" and found myself reviewing things I already knew just to get a lot of points. Then I woke up one morning, asking myself: "Are you in this for high point totals or to learn languages?" The latter, it turns out. That said, I take things more slowly now, concentrating on the lessons I find most uncomfortable and enjoying the occasional victory of effortlessly responding to something that has often defeated me over the previous months.

I wish everyone the best in his/her studies and hope everyone is having a wonderful 2018.

January 8, 2018



Yes, bells should ring! you've seen that damned elusive owl down at the bottom of the tree, barely getting any closer as you dig down through skill after skill, and when you get there, silence! But please know that all the other diggers are rooting for you - well done!!!


Y'all are kind, but no need. I love DuoLingo. I've gotten a lot out of it and continue to. And I haven't paid a dime. If DL feels fit to shower me with praise, cool. If not, just as cool. I can't wait to get through my German and Spanish trees, after-which, a lengthy trip through Europe. And a thank-you note to the DuoLingo folks. (I also use Memrise, Babbel, and the complete Pimsleur audio programs, but it was DuoLingo that got me hooked.) Thankee.


And you know for sure that you will enjoy your trip so much more having a little of the local language to speak with people you meet on your trip. Bon voyage!


Duolingo + Pimsleur is probably the best possible combination, at least for me. Duo gives me all the structure of the language and essential vocab, but Pimsleur helps me to use it all confidently in casual relazed conversation. If you have the time and attention to add Memrise, that's an extra boost. Memrise will build tremendous vocabulary, for sure. But for my money, Duo+Pimsleur is exactly the right formula for maximizing my efficiency and effectiveness.


Esto es, un curso.no uno real queja.Yo estoy en en esta por el conocimiento y el reteniendo conocimiento,no por el exprcioneciones de gratitud pocos meses hace,Yo tiene un punto craze y encontro mi mismo revisando cosas yo ya sabia solo a obtener muchos puntos.Entonses yo desperte arriba una maƱama,preguntando a mi mismo son esta para alto puntaje totales aprender lenguages.El ultimo, estas ultimas vueltas afuera.que dijo,yo tomare cosas mas despacio haora concentrarce en las lecciones encontrar mas incomodo y disfrutando la ocacion victoria sin esfuerso respondiendo a alguna cosas que tiene amenudo derrotar por encima anterior meses

Yo deseo todo el mundo en su estudio y esperansa todo el mundo teneiendo un maravilloso 2018


I remember when I finished my French tree, It didn't give me any acknowledgement which I found a bit odd. It wasn't until Christmas time came around and I added the third skill to the bonus skills (including flirting and idioms) and finished Christmas that I was given a certificate of completion.

I am almost done with my reverse tree, and I did notice that, at least in learning English from French, the Christmas module was never offered this year. It might take another year to 'conquer the English tree.'




yo terminando mi segundo arbol hoy frances ambos y italiano son oro por el momento Duolingo mano fuera participacion premios por solo acerca de todo.refinamiento habilidad arrasamiento arriba victorios tu apuesta,etcacerca de un poco palmadita en la espalda refinaminto a un arbol?tiene al fin nada,niete,nichts de rien yo saber la figura esta afuera clik en el buo y tu obtienes tu asistencia y trofeo


Well done! I'd love to finish French this year.

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