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Latin in Duolingo

Latin REALLY needs to be in Duolingo. Learning Latin can help you learn any Romance Language because Latin IS the base of Romance Languages. Also, there are many Latin masses in churches AND the world's most accurate bible can only be found in Latin. Please Duolingo, add Latin pleaseeeeeee.

January 8, 2018




And "most accurate bible"? Oxymoron there... You do realize that the Hebrew Bible's texts were first set to writing in Hebrew and that the New Testament books were first written in Greek? And it's a religious book, not a science text. "Accurate" isn't a term that goes to any religious text, the Bible, Quran, Bhagavad Gita, whatever.


Sorry, I didn't mean for confusion. When I mean accurate, I mean one of the more, original bibles. The Vulgate Bible was translated directly from the original writings to Latin by Saint Jerome Vulgate. It wouldn't make sense to learn Greek or Hebrew because the original bible cannot be accessed. Many, I guess you can say, "newer" versions of the Bible, are a little disfigured. It is kind of when you put a phrase in google translate and translate it so many times that it comes out completely disfigured in the end. My first language is Spanish, so I have the Latin-American bible. When you compare that bible with the Jerusalem bible, a more "not-so-disfigured" bible, you can clearly see a difference. A little more detail might not make that much of a difference, but it would be nice to be able to read the most "original" bible besides the actual original bible. Sorry, again, for confusion. Have a great night.


Well, there's a whole separate side of linguistics dealing with biblical translation, and suffice to say that it's very complex. Much of it depends on one's own religious beliefs, or lack thereof - the Bible translation preferred by Catholics may differ from that preferred by Orthodox, which likely differs from high church Protestants, which might differ from that of evangelicals.


True. I am Catholic, just clarifying.


is there some website that you can learn Latin from?


Yes very true. I bet there are many other websites you can use instead of Duolingo to learn Latin.


Yeah, there is, but for some, you might have to pay, and for others, they might not be as accurate. Lucky priests get to learn a good amount of Latin in the seminary.


Memrise might work, but Duolingo is definitely on of the best language learning sites, so I would prefer to learn it here.


yeah Duolingo is great, but they can't program so many languages on at once it takes a long time to make all the courses for the languages


Learning any romance language can help you learn any other romance language. If you want to learn Latin because you want to learn Latin, that's fine, and there are reasons to do so...but I really don't think it being the base of romance languages is a particularly convincing reason. Let's pretend for a second that that's the only reason you want to learn Latin. In the amount of time it took you to learn Latin in preparation to learn another romance language, you could -easily- have picked up any one of the resulting romance languages instead, probably in far less time. And whatever romance language you learned will give you probably as much of a leg up in learning yet another romance language as Latin would have.


> . . . but I really don't think it being the base of romance languages is a particularly convincing reason.

. . . but you obviously don't have any way of knowing since you haven't learned Latin, nor maybe even ever studied it. Or have you learned Latin since you previously discussed this subject? In that discussion (and others) you were contradicted by people who have experience that you do not have. Here is another opinion from someone who knows Latin extremely well, and also several of the Romance languages. Experience to back up assertions. Can you tell us that you've learned Latin, since, and so might have some basis for what you think? Or are you still just stating an opinion w/ nothing to base it on?


Well, I must say, experience to back up assertions can be as misleading as having an opinion without experience. Does the man who has smoked for the last 40 years without issue declare anecdotally that cigarettes are harmless and therefore all the other people smoking and getting lung cancer are just unlucky?

You and I both know that’s nonsense due to medical trials and studies but it does push the idea that not all experiences are created equal. If someone is interested in Latin and feels it may help them then by all means they should pursue it and the reverse is true too. I think what the OP is trying to say that there seems to be almost a hysteria around Latin that Romance languages are based on it, therefore it MUST help you learn them, rather than it might. It also seems from what I see that people that disagree with this sentiment are viewed perhaps in an unfavorable light.


If you're willing to pay, rosetta stone has a great latin course

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