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About streaks

[deactivated user]

    I've been wondering about streaks and how do they influence members actions and perceptions.

    Do you value members differently based on their streak number? Is the opinion of a 950-streak member more respected than one with a 20-day streak?

    And on the opposite side... does your streak number reflect the importance you give to yourself within the forums? Is there any sense of entitlement or special authority?

    It's obvious that the streak number is considered a badge of honour, hence to some members is an absolute tragedy to lose it, but I'm curious to know how do you guys and gals see that.

    January 9, 2018



    Streaks do not indicate more knowledge, or more seriousness or better opinions, just more obsessiveness and possibly more self-discipline.

    They can be broken so easily - out of choice or not - changing time zones, going on vacation, illness, internet flakiness, and so on, that not having one means little.

    I do pay attention to levels. Presumably someone willing to put in the time to get to 20+ is interested in language, not just shiny toys.

    [deactivated user]

      That was a similar idea I had for a topic... where you replace the streak with the number of courses being taken... But that's for another day.


      I see streaks just as how much you practice that is all.

      [deactivated user]

        That is more reflected in the xp's and thus levels than the streak. I can make a huge streak with only 10 xp's a day.


        I always wonder, and maybe it is because I am old, but is someone going to show up for a month just to earn 10 XP? Is the urge to "game" that high? I would think that if you're really not getting anything from Duolingo, and 10XP a day isn't really going to teach you anything, that users would soon forget about it.

        [deactivated user]

          Yes correct... it was just an example.


          Interesting post. I had a really long streak (around 500) and while I had it I tended to consider people with big streaks more senior/respected. Once I lost it (which I'm honestly kind of glad I did now) I started viewing people more based on levels. Conclusion: Streaks can be impressive and often do reflect hard work but levels are more reliable.

          [deactivated user]

            Yes, there is also an antiquity aspect tied to it... as the forum doesn't have a post count, a long streak is the only measure of antiquity on the platform... and usually on most forums antiquity is kind of revered. Not saying I agree with it... it will fit some users, some others won't.

            Duolingo is kind of special in that regard as the most immediate way members have to evaluate others, obviously apart from the content of their posts, is both the streak number and the levels... more than the number of flags... I can quickly get half a dozen flags on level two.


            Agreed. It's more number of level than number of trees IMO.

            [deactivated user]

              That's what happened to me when I lost my streak. I look at the levels more than the streak.

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              I have a major love/hate relationship with my streak.

              I love the fact that duo recognizes the importance of daily commitment. But I hate that a streak can be maintained for as little as just 1 XP a day---so the streak by itself does not reflect true commitment.

              I love that duo offers streak protection, and at no cost. But I hate that this very protection makes any "streak" effectively worthless.

              I love that the app praises learners for getting a certain number of questions in a row correct---but hate that major milestones, such as 365-day streaks, go totally unrecognized.

              I love that the streak concept initially motivated me to develop my current daily practice regimen---which in turn has made me a much better polyglot. But I really despise that broken streaks can be "repaired" after the fact by paying a chunk of real money---I don't think anything could cheapen the whole concept more.


              There should be something that you can when you reach certain steak milestones (i.e. 100, 200, 365). I know that we get lingots, but it would provide more incentive to have an award for it. Also, I think that if you want to make your streak each day, you should have to do a minimum of 50xp. That way when users view streaks, the number will actually show dedication and hard language learning work. Or, the higher your streak gets, the more xp you have to get. Like when you reach 100, you have to do, say, 10xp more than the previous set minimum.


              I once lost a 140-day streak.

              I had logged on that day, but I didn't gain enough XP to fulfill my daily goal. I had gone on the forums that day.

              My point? Just because the number next to someone's profile is low doesn't mean that they're new and inexperienced, or that they aren't putting in enough time on duolingo.

              Someone once said they were going to try to get 1000XP a day for a period of time (I forget how long) and someone commented something like "I would believe that you would actually fulfill that goal if you had a streak." (the person trying to get 1000XP had a 1 or a 2 day streak.)

              To me, the streak means almost nothing. It's awesome to have one, especially a long one, but having a longer one doesn't make you better.


              I do view a big streaker as someone more knowledgeable about the changes and problems duo has been through and how to mazimuze it for others.

              Also respect their work and commitment.

              I thought it was insane to have a 30 day streak a little while ago. I was used to everything in life having "rest days" (like work schedules, class semesters, fitness regimes).

              But now here I am at 70 and I do get the appeal of setting aside some time each day for languages.


              I have been using DuoLingo since about May 2013. I have completed 4 courses. I have sampled other courses because of people I know who speak those languages. My course levels reflect the priorities for these languages in my life. I have had streaks over 200 days a few times, but I let them go when life had other plans. I have also taken extended breaks from DuoLingo when my motivation to use the site has dropped. From my experience, you have to get to about level 11 or 12 to complete a tree. It is easy to get to level 6 by just screwing around with the course. For me, language level is more important than streak length when evaluating an opinion. People with levels over 15 have put in some effort to get there, so probably know a bit more about the language than the average learner. Of course anything posted in an online forum has to be evaluated carefully. I am about to take another extended break from DuoLingo because I am starting a German B1 certification course in few weeks. Just for reference, I have less than 2000 points before my German level goes to 25 and about 150 points to reach level 19 in French.

              [deactivated user]

                I respect the language level more than I do the streak. I can continue my streak easily by just doing an easy lesson and it would take me less than a minute. I have done lessons that were two sentences and I could have ended it there. I keep my streak amount needed at 1 point but I always get way more than that.

                But to get level 25 takes quite a bit of time and patience. I have had long streaks that I broke by accident and on purpose (at times). My language level imo is what shows my dedication.

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