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Any interesting French songs?

January 9, 2018



Here are some previous discussions. There are more. #1, #2, #3, #4, #5.


I recently started listening to Christine and the Queens. Some of her stuff is in English, too.


Groscochon posts a French song every day, here is the latest https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25815796

The post includes a list of all previous songs.


I genuinely think you can't go wrong with Jean-Jacques Goldman. One of the most popular singers composers of the last decades, and for a reason.

Older but really good would be Michel Berger and her wife France Gall: they worked together for years until he died, she just joined him back two days ago. They were both as whimsy as they were emotional.

Veronique Sanson is another really great artist, somewhat linked to the previous ones.

For my generation was Daniel Balavoine a real iconic artist. Some of his songs, though, are difficult to get a grasp on, as they are really poetic.

On a more "pop" note (in a good sense), you should definitively check Joe Dassin. From the same era, we had some sort of a Diva named Dalida. Their texts are very understandable, everyday French, but meaningful.

I also love Jean Ferrat, or Nino Ferrer. Oldies but goldies.

If you like a bit (or more than a bit) of subversion, you should look at Serge Gainsbourg. Jane Birkin, for a long time the lady in his life, is worth too (she's British, but long French-adopted).

I love more recent artists, but find their texts a tad hard for a learner (see what I said about Daniel Balavoine). You may give a try to Julien Doré anyway. Brigitte could also be a good idea (mind you, they are really two lovely ladies going by the name Brigitte ;p)

There's many more I can't think of at the moment, but this should keep you occupied for a moment, then the suggestions by YT could lead you to more discoveries. Don't you hesitate to ask any questions.

By the way, I'm French if that matters to you :)


French children's songs are by far the most interesting to me. Aupres de ma blonde, il fait bon dormir. (It feels good to sleep next to my girlfriend). J'ai du bon tabac (I have good snuff). They're very interesting and easy to access and understand and make me wonder how they got into the children's songbook. There are also other kids songs, Au clair de la lune that tell stories. Lundi matin, le roi, sa femme et le petit prince sont venu chez moi pour me serer le pince. There are a lot of French children's songs on Youtube.


"Tourner dans le vide" by Indila is great.

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