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Is a French spelling reform a good idea- pros and cons?

French spelling has so many silent letters. Obviously the current spelling is best for those who already knows it. It could be improved for those who have yet to learn it. What are the other pros and cons?

January 9, 2018



English needs one far more than French. At least French has some form of logic unlike English.


The English language doesn't know what logic is.


In my younger days, I had told my students for years that a nicely developed spelling reform in English would very much please me. The argument against my point of view was that the current spelling helped in understanding the historical development of languages. That's another topic, if someone wants to discuss English spelling please post it as a separate question. I hope to read some thoughtful pros and cons about the value of a French spelling reform from the linguistic scientists and philosophers who read this posting.


I'll take that as though you think a spelling reform for French is not a good idea or do you want to say more about the state of French spelling?


I am not sure I understand your question. Could you ask it in French?


un jour peut-être si j'essaye dur et n'abandonne pas.


I think a pronunciation reform is a better idea. Undo centuries of sloppiness and go back to pronouncing all those silent letters again. That would reduce the number of confusing homophones and bring the language more into line with the other Romance languages.

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