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2 questions for a newbie !

Hey guys I love duolingo but I've got 2 questions: - My facebook connect doesn't work from settings>Facebook connect ! Am I doing something wrong? Is there any other place to do it ? I just click and the button doesnt react. Does anyone encountered this before ? - Is there any way to get followers ? I mean, I didn't see anywhere to post or to give a reason for people to follow me! I'm very excited by the game, I've made 300XP yesterday and got a lot of badges and I followed 3 people, I see their stats and it's exciting...Is there any way of getting followers other than this forum ??

I'm very excited to post my first topic and to meet the duolingo community !!! :D I'm learning Dutch in english (not my mother language, I speak french), and I'll learn spanish when I'm done with Dutch! :D If you wanna follow me, I'll follow back, very excited to get connected to you guys!

Thank you for reading! Bye!

January 9, 2018



it's not a game, followers don't matter in the slightest and you definitely won't get any if you flat out ask for them, also facebook is a government scam set up by the lizard people and those guys can't do anything right so no wonder it's not working


All social media is a scam. Especially Snapchat.


I was takking about the gamification they add besides the learning courses. This is the game part. And concerning this game part, yes, followers do matter as I just received a badge thanks to the 3 persons that followed me, which showed me the next level of this badge which is "invite a friend"...so I invited my wife!

It's not only about the "game" part, it's just that I'm a web developper and I tend to develop this kind of gamification for my customers. I'm very surprised that they did it so well here and by playing it "all in" I'm feeling like respecting their work! I'ld love to have users, one day, that use my website and all its functions like I'm doing it right now with duolingo.

And it seems like asking for it was a good way of doing this as I just got 4 followers that I followed back (maybe it made them pass this badge too).

Why are you so serious about it ? Why don't you see the fun part they try to add with so much effort in duolingo ? Same thing about facebook...Sure you're their meat, they sell you to earn money...but anyway if it can bring cool features to your life, like having goals with friends (I'ld love to know which of my friends is on duolingo and what's their level to challenge each other and not loose the hype of keep on getting better!).

Anyway, I don't want to change your mind, but just relax and enjoy a bit of this ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ world or you're gonna have a lot of bad years until the end of your life!

:D Let's share a bit of language passion and smile to each other! :D


You've already posted this. Please delete this.

A tip - whenever you get redirected to a 404 after posting, go back to the main forum page, wait 10 seconds, then refresh. Your post should be there.

P.S. Your previous discussion was downvoted past -5. When that happens, it disappears from the main thread stream. Here's the link to it. I left a response there.


WOW !!! Thank you for the info! I've been very upset by this 404 error, I had to write it back three times... And yeah the way I've written it was a bit too oriented to the followers thing, I've changed it here and focused on the community...

I was very excited to exchange on the forum because every person I've met through my trips are very open minded when they usually talk several languages...

I must say I'm a bit surprised of your answers...Not exactly what I expected! There is no real answers to my questions But I still got 3 followers, wich is something, I guess...

Thank you for having taken the time to explain me the 404 thing! I wouldn't know any other way than with your message.


Welcome to Duolingo!!
I have put my top 3 tips below.
1. You can obtain followers by inviting them to Duolingo and then there is a good chance they will follow you. Also, a lot of times, I go to invite someone and they are already learning on Duolingo! Then we follow each other and compete for the most XPs.
2. I noticed you call Duolingo a game. While many people disagree, it can be a game, as long as you keep in mind that it is extremely educational. (I'm sure you've seen the stats on this vs. a college or university course)
3. Don't give up!! I lost a 293 day streak over the Christmas holidays, thinking I had a streak freeze when I didn't, (Another tip is ALWAYS make sure you have a streak freeze (: ), but now i can aim to beat that in 2018! The important thing is that you keep learning, numbers, levels, and followers are just bonuses.
Hopefully this helps!!


Thank you so much for that quality reply and motivation you're giving me! Wow, 293 days streak... That's an incredible number! I'm quite impressed when people keep an habit more than a month, and I hope to keep that going ! I'm starting a new job in a dutch place, so I'm quite forced to keep on learning dutch! Haha! I hope I'll keep on learning like you did until now! I'm following you then :p

Have a good day !!!

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