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  5. "A menina ouve o cachorro."

"A menina ouve o cachorro."

Translation:The girl hears the dog.

March 18, 2013



Can "cachorro" also mean "puppy," as the drop-down menu suggests?


There was a discussion about that. I don't have the link right now, but if I remember correctly, some people stated that cachorro is used in Portugal, with the meaning of "puppy". To my knowledge cachorro isn't used in Brazillian Portuguese with the meaning "puppy", its usually just used for "dog". :)

So to your question, yes and no. But if you're going for purely Brazillian portuguese its probably better to just associate cachorro with dog!


surely the Portuguese call a dog cao


You're right, they call it cão in Portugal.


"Puppy" is a "cachorrinho", wich literally means "little dog". You can call a puppy a cachorro, but it would sound odd.


The dropdown lists "dog"and "scoundrel" as possible meanings. Yet it tells me I'm wrong when I use "scroundrel". What's the deal with that?


That's an antiquated slang term in English - calling someone a dog and calling someone a scoundrel were at one point essentially the same, although it is no longer in common usage. Many dictionaries still show scoundrel as a homophone for dog, but in this context it would simply be wrong.


Before, oir was translating as "listen", while here it translates as "hear". How do you distinguish between the two in Portuguese?


It is not a rule. Ouvir = hear (you accidentally hear something you listen to a person). Escutar is deeper. It involves understand it, the causes, reasons, pay attention to it, feel the words and keep them in mind. But we sometimes use them interchangably.


i chose scoundrel because i thought the sentences was heavier meaning because it didnt say cao caes (pretend the accent is there for dog)


Dog is called cão in European Portuguese. In Brazil it's better known as cachorro. Scoundrel is slang, it's like you calling someone a jerk.


There are two meanings for "Ouve" listed: hear and listen. But to hear is to simply pick up a noise while to listen is to do so more attentively and comprehend. Duolingo puts it as "hear". Am I missing something?

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