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  5. "Mwaka mpya tulienda Manyara"

"Mwaka mpya tulienda Manyara"

Translation:On New Year's we went to Manyara

January 9, 2018



The first two words in the audio sound like one Mwakampya. As a result it sounds as if -kam- gets stressed, it being the one but last syllable of the new 'word'. Interesting!


Should be, "On New Year's, we went to Manyara"


‘On New Year’s’ is not good (British) English. Either ‘at New Year’ or ‘On New Year’s Eve/Day’ would be acceptable.


Agree with Alan806886


If I write e.g. "At New Year, we went to Manyara", it suggests there is an error and it should be "On New Years, we went to Manyara". Not only is the first version grammatically fine, but the second "correct" version is missing the apostrophe.

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