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Spent 200 lingots! How? Unlocked achievements?

I received an Achievement Unlocked, Big Spender and I spent 200 lingots message. What does that mean, what did I purchase and how did I purchase it? I spent nothing.

January 9, 2018



I'm pretty sure the spending is cumulative... i.e., in all your time on Duolingo you have spent 200+ lingots.


Did you purchase something recently? A few months ago?


It counts every time you do buy a double or nothing or if you purchase a streak freeze or weekend amulet. I do not know if it counts when you give Lingots away to others.


No, it doesn't count when you give lingots away. (Finding myself on 195/200, I tried this yesterday, and it didn't work!) But today, I bought a new double-or-nothing, and that did work.


I think I achieved that with the streak freezes and double or nothing option.


I just got 'achievements' and this unlocked automatically; I'm not sure what counts as 'spending'; I presume it counts giving away lingots, too, as the average user with a single course would be hard-pressed to spend 200 lingots in the store (unless repeatedly buying streak freezes, in which case this achievement is a bizarre incentive!)


It's bizarre anyway: Giving lingots to other (which I would call “spending”) does not count but buying 7-day wagers (which I would call “investing”) does.


It's saying I spent 200 lingots The only thing i bought was one streak freeze. Is there any way to see what it thinks I spent them on?


I have 478 lingots but I am not going to spend 200 of my lingots I am going to save my 478 lingots for something else but not for the big spend achievement

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