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Lingbe, for Esperanto?

Hey everyone, I've been using Lingbe to practice Spanish with good results. I checked to see what languages were available and, lo and behold, there is Esperanto. However, when I try to make an Esperanto call, it said it wasn't available yet. This might be because no one has added it as a native language.

I'm tempted to add Esperanto as a native language just to see if a get a call to practice ;)


January 9, 2018



Haha It might be interesting. A forum member here named Salivanto (Ever heard of him? ;) ) has Esperanto as his native language on HiNative and answers questions on there pretty routinely. He’s doing a lot of good for helping learners of the language and you might well be doing the same although I’m not familiar with lingbe.


I've heard of him. :-)

To be clear. I'm not a native Esperanto speaker, but since HiNative leaves questions hanging out there till they're answered by a native, I presumed to list myself as a native speaker there. This might sound presumptuous, but there are one or two others there (far less active) who also have themselves listed as native speakers, but my guess is that they're B2 or C1 level speakers, not C2 or native-like. (It's annoying!)

I do have native Esperanto speakers in my house, though, so... that kinda counts? Right? (I know, it does not count!)

Dan - go for it. If it turns out to be a problem, you can always change your profile, right? Let me/us know how it goes.


Lingbe has been great for me with Spanish. The short conversations put me on the spot to speak, but without too much pressure. I've been stagnant smack in the middle of A2. I feel like this is helping me move towards B1, though I don't think I'm quite there yet.

Mi estas komencanto ankoraŭ. I'd still feel funny adding Esperanto as a native language on that app. Maybe in the spring when I'm A2, then it won't be as big a lie ;).


If you list it as a native language, you will have to be careful to keep your doors and windows locked. Otherwise, the Esperanto Police will sneak in and work you over!


If you're gonna lie, lie big. :-)

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