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Voting for New Languages With Lingots

I have a suggestion. I think users should be able to vote for the next new language with lingots. We know from the various discussion threads that there are many qualified people willing to work on nearly any language out there. Since those who use duolingo the most tend to have more lingots, this would be an effective way to figure out which courses people would actually use in the future.

January 9, 2018



The Lingot glitch (if it ever comes back) would totally rock this system. No support.


I'm afraid Duolingo is more interested in bringing new users than giving more options to the current users. So while it makes sense from our point of view, it doesn't from their point of view. They can use our votes as a very loose gauge of general interest in the language, but I wouldn't expect anything more.


This would not work as there are a lot of factors that determine which language is next to go into the incubator. Just having a popularity vote would be useless if there were no suitable volunteers to implement the language or bandwidth in the incubator.


Not to mention the Lingot glitch screwing the system over.


That's a long list of languages you have, multiple ones over level 10 impressive.

Very clever idea, filter out the less dedicated folks as they have fewer lingots giving those that are really dedicated a stronger vote leading to new languages courses that will actually be learned.

I like the way you think, full support for the idea.


I'd like to see Latin here on Duolingo!! But, when? That's a mystery.


Ostensibly soon! I know this comment is almost a year old but Latin's been put in the incubator as of today!


Maybe I misunderstand how duolingo works. But it was my impression that other than a few core languages, the courses are created by users. So basically, if there are native speakers of a language and they are willing to put in the work to create a course, aren't they able? Does duolingo deny qualified people the ability to set up a course even if there are willing creators?


Duolingo has to decide to start that particular course. Only then the volunteers can start working on it. Of course they won't start it if there are no contributors available, but just having volunteers clearly isn't enough, otherwise the incubator would be much busier.


Duolingo uses its limited resources as it sees best. It does not put every course for which a couple of people have volunteered into the incubator.

Suitable volunteers are a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for course creation.


I'd put 5K lingots each on Old English and Lithuanian. Maybe another 5K on Maltese?


If there hadn't been that Lingot glitch, I'd love that idea! It would finally give me a reason again to collect some lingots.

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