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You guys are doing SUCH an awesome job, thanks DuoLingo!

I love the owl poppin in to cheer me up lol, and all the forward-movement you guys keep making, and the way you're free for all, but some can pay if they want to support you (and get rid of ads- which by the way are not TOO intrusive, so thank you guys for that), and I am TOTALLY STOKED ABOUT HINDI!!

For all these reasons and more I tell everyone who's anyone about you! Thanks for all your hard work!!

January 9, 2018



An awesome tool, fun and easy to use! Thank you, Duolingo Team!


How about the community! Let me tell ya, Duolingoers are pretty chill. Most ppl are so gracious and genuine. The tips and tricks have given me a boost in my comprehension. Thanks for creating something that gives so much to so many!


Thanks for your motivation.


Totally agree. Great site and app.


I totally agree, both for my own lesson as for my students. But i have got one problem though, i hope anyone can help me with. I added one classroom lately and that one works really great. Later i added another classroom for which i got new passwords. The passwords however don't work and i can't see my pupils. Does anyone know what went wrong?


yo amo el olw poppin a animar a arriba lol, y todo el movimiento hacia arriba tu muchahcos mantienen fabricacion,y el camino esta gratis por todo,pero algunos pueden pagar si ellos quieren su apoyo tu (y obtener y eliminar de ads-which por el camino que no es tambien intruso,asi que gracias ti muchachos porque,)totalmrnte alimentado acerca de escondido

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