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Duolingo and note-taking?

Is it recommended that I take notes during the lessons? I just started with Japanese and have been writing down the Hiragana and their sounds, and then the words made from the sounds and was wandering if it would be more beneficial to try and memorise these things without the use of a notebook of any sort. Thanks for the advise :3

January 9, 2018



Writing something down physically will always help you remember more than just tapping a selection on an app or website. If you never intend to write the language, I suppose you could go without. I suggest you look up resources for stroke order. They become very relevant later on and the can also help you to remember the characters easier.


I’ve been using this (there is a small fee for the app), and its great!

Learn Japanese!! by Howell Peebles https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/learn-japanese/id1014955564?mt=8


Qui scribit bis legit... He who writes, reads twice :) (or she, of course)


What kind of language learning has worked for you in the past? Me, I find I have to have flashcards to remember words and phrases, so from the beginning whenever I wasn't totally sure about an answer, I would make a flashcard.

If you use an app (I use Quizlet), you don't even have to write the Japanese by hand (my Japanese handwriting is still really poor and really really slow - but my typing is great!). I like to study my cards going from English to Japanese to make sure I really know the content and am not merely recognizing things.


I have two notebooks. One is for what I learn in the lessons. I write down new words, and sentences that have structures I haven't seen before or I want to remember, and I draw the kanji that I learn from discussions. I go back to it when I'm reviewing lessons, or when I want to look up words on a topic. The other notebook I am trying to use as a Japanese journal. I write little stories in it, in Japanese. I'm sure they sound like a Japanese 1st grader, but it's helping me to learn to think in Japanese.

To make it more fun for me, I bought Japanese notebooks (with lines and blocks for kanji) from Amazon. I could use a plain notebook, but these feel more...serious? Japanese? more fun, anyway.


The key feature of Duolingo is to make language learning process fun. It should be better if you want to treat it more serious.


thanks everyone for the responses! In regards to how i use my notes, i kind of just have them in case i'm completely lost with what a symbol means, but i try not to rely on my notes at all. It sounds like a majority of you feel it does help, so i'm gonna keep up my note taking! :3


It should help you be more fluent with japanese

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