500 Days

I reached 500 days today. I finished the Spanish tree and am now on the reverse tree in English.

I cannot thank duolingo enough for this opportunity. Who would have thought, being dyslexic, I would have finished the tree. Actually Spanish spelling is so much easier for me. Another challenge is the Spanish Courses I have enrolled in at the local college. Needless to say this would have been out of the question for me if not for duolingo to get me started. Learning Spanish has helped me recall English words, my native language, a little easier.

What a positive experience! I am enjoying reading about all the success stories of individuals in the community. Keep up the good work!

January 9, 2018


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Gracias. The number of languages you are studying is impressive.
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Gracias. You will reach 500 soon. Keep up the streak.

Congrats! I reached 500 days 3 weeks ago, haha.

Thank you. Congrats back, you are doing great.

Felicitaciones! Buena suerte en colegio!

There are a great group of people in the night school class who are all having fun learning. We laugh a lot.

Love your name. I am sure there is a terrific reason for you´re wanting to be fluent.

Great job Keep it going

Gracias. Just look at your streak!

Congratulations on your 500 day streak, SAMujer, and welcome to the level 25 club! :-)

Thank you. Great streak and impressive language studies.

Wooo!! ¡Felicitaciones! Also, fantastic job on getting to level 25 :)

Gracias. You already made it over 500 and as for the level 25, it seems to me to be related to time spent and how much you go over and strengthen.

Congrats ! I hope to join you this time next month.

Thank you. And I am sure you will. Keep up the good work.

felicidades! Brava! No son solo 500 dias, son consecutivos. Tengo uno! Jaja... oh well

Jajaja. I am retired. Maybe that is why.

Sounds good.

Would you like to get a better Spanish speaker voice?

Try to re-learn / practice 3000 of ~3700 words for free with complete sentences on Lingvist.

You can test out before (placement test).

See more details in my Lingvist 2017 challenge thread:

That was quite 'out-of-the-blue.'

It was, wasn´t it!

Congrats! I hope you're having a great day!

Gracias. Right back at you!

Wow! You are an inspiration! ¡Felicitaciones!

You will get there and thank you.

Good Job! I also have dyslexia and I also find spelling works in Spanish much easier than English. Seems like in english, the exception is the rule. In Spanish the rules, Rule.

How many days did it take you to get to nivel 25? I only ask, because I decided to slow down the number of lessons per day to see if it improved my retention. I used to do 5 to 10 a day now I'm trying 3 to 5.

So interesting you also have dyslexia because I read it is almost impossible to learn another language. I guess we are showing the experts.

I forget exactly how long but I know it was within a year of study. Now I must admit that I am addicted and spend many hours in the evening on Duolingo. I repeated lessons a lot before I completed the tree and I believe that is why I reached 25.

Now the fluency level is what I am interested in. Doing the reverse tree in English has shown me that it is a good indicator as I am not taking long to make strides in fluency of my native language, so that is fun. Of course, I am learning many more Spanish words. As far as retention I agree slowing it down helps. But I also have verbs and sentences that pertain to that verb on Word which really slows me down but helps with retention. I have read that writing the sentence in longhand is a sure winner for remembering even more that typing.

Alex, happy learning.

I just found this in the discussions today by wombatua:

Duolingo's levels don't connect with anything except point accumulation. You can run through the introductory exercise over and over and eventually you'll get 30,000 points and be at level 25. You won't have learned anything, but you'll be level 25. Don't pay attention to the levels (or the stupid "fluency" rating) here.

Great tip about keeping problem sentences in word. I'm currently 178 days in with 20602 XPs. So I guess I'm on track to finish in a little less than a year also. I wish I hadn't powered through the tree the way I did. but I suppose the random practice is also good.

There is no problem powering through the tree. You may or may not know this and I surely did not. After you have completed the tree, your golds start to disappear and when you do the strengthening on that particular subject matter, Duo not only challenges you more with pronouns but with the more difficult aspects of the language. Upon saying that it may be the English to Spanish where I am getting this idea. Also English to Spanish will give you more words to learn and you are typing Spanish more. Do you have your English and Spanish keyboard turned on as you do the exercises. It really helps because you do not have to click the tilde letters below the square. I just learned this by trial and error. Hope you had a great learning experience today.

Nice job to you! Just getting started myself, thanks for a bit of inspiration.

Gracias. You are going to have so much fun. It is addicting.

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