So I came across a post about 2 years ago asking for Thai language and you stated it's in stage 1 but haven't given any follow up information about it is there any time frame we can expect you to release the course

January 9, 2018


They might have been referring to the English for Thai speakers course. This was beta tested and published last year.

There has never been a Thai for English speakers course.

However, I would think it quite likely there will be one - but I have not seen any news regarding if/when it will appear. Even so it will probably be quite a long time before it would be available for beta test, given that it would be the first course teaching Thai.

Thai is very difficult, I think it is best to learn with a class or a private teacher. There are many good schools in Bangkok for learning Thai, if you are in Thailand.

I really want Thai on Duolingo. Looking forward to it.

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