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"Toto je ten nůž, kterým ji zabil."

Translation:This is the knife that he killed her with.

January 9, 2018



Can "murder" be used instead of "kill" here?


It is not a direct translation. "to murder" is perfective "zavraždit" or imperfective "vraždit". "to kill" is really perfective "zabít" or imperfective "zabíjet".

We do not actually know if the sentence speaks about a murder at all, although it is likely.


Thank you. Didn't pay attention earlier that this words have big sematical difference in English language. They are translated into Russian with the same word.


Can't I say "This is the knife with that he killed her" (not accepted)? Because of the double "th"?


In everyday American English, it is either "This is the knife with which he killed her" or "This is the knife that he killed her with." It can also be "This is the knife he killed her with."


Best not to get into the "which" versus "that" problem in English: I've been writing professionally for a long time and still have trouble with it!

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