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  5. "그 여자가 가르치면 저는 한국어를 잘 배워요."

" 여자가 가르치면 저는 한국어를 배워요."

Translation:If that woman teaches, I learn Korean well.

January 9, 2018



Can someone break down 가르치면?


가르치다 is "to teach". Adding ~(으)면 to the verb stem adds the "if/when" part.


가르치다 + 하면 teach + if


Can I say "If that woman teaches, I will learn Korean well"?


Your translation is grammatically correct, in English. The example given would be better translated perhaps as "When that woman teaches I learn Korean well".


No. For that sentence you would need to attach 겠 or another equivalent marker to put the verb 배우(다) into the future tense.


"I learn Korean well when that woman teaches me." - why doesn't this work, if 'when' is a possibility for ~(으)면?


If thar woman teaches Korean, I learn well should be accepted!


Correct in meaning, maybe but grammatically inaccurate.

As the example shows:

한국어를 잘 배워요 -> 한국어 (= Korean) is the object complement of 배워요 (= I learn).

My guess is your suggestion would be better translated as:

If that woman teaches Korean, I learn it well =

그 여자가 한국어를 가르치면 잘 배워요.

where 한국어 is the object complement of 가르치다 (= teach)


Thanks for that. In this instance, I would argue that accurate meaning should take precedence.


I reckon the idea is if we were asked to do a reverse translation, would we be able to reproduce the Korean sentence?


So this sentence could be both "If that woman teaches..." and "When that woman teaches..."


Yes. It appears that Koreans use (으)면 for both if-conditional clauses and if/when-time clauses, to speak about present event.

The distinction is perhaps in the tense used in the main clause.

With the (으)면, when(-ever) time clause, the present is used in the main clause; Future, propositive and imperative with (으)면, if-conditional clause.


Hello duolingo im from mexico and im studying corean in English its hard because i have to ler in English and then pass it to spanish.

You dont have corean spanish ??? Please say yes

Thank you for your time


Can my answer also be accepted,

"If that woman teaches, I will learn korean well."


if that she teaches, i learn Korean well

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