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could we have a guideline version for small children?

Small children who write spam, or also other children, may not always understand the guideline version which is written in adult language, so I thought we could have a second guideline version, especially meant for young children, while the other version is meant for older people

January 9, 2018


[deactivated user]

    I guess you could but... Duolingo doesn't know our age and even if knew, anyone can lie.

    And would they read it? I'm an adult and never read the guidelines... I use my instinct.

    And even if they read... would they care?

    You get the drill... this is the internet.


    Most small children who come here come with their classes. Shouldn't it be up to their teachers to explain the rules?


    Discussions should be disabled by default within schools.


    Discussions are disabled by default in Schools. Source


    .... meaning somehow students using Duolingo in classrooms can still access the Discussions. Really confused now.


    The first reason that comes to mind is that there's a lot of valuable information on the forums; I personally consider the discussions the most useful part of any Duolingo course. There is at present no way to allow students to read but not be able to post, as far as I know, so if a teacher wants their students to be able to access the information on the forums they need to enable it.


    The discussions are disabled by default, but the setting can be changed. So students in classrooms can still access the discussions, but only if the teacher specifically enabled it for them.


    I'm baffled as to why a teacher would enable them, then.


    What is so hard to understand:

    don't say mean things

    only posts about language learning and using Duolingo are allowed

    no identifying information


    Based on the spam that we get here, it's quite difficult.


    They understand but do not care.


    I approve of this idea, although many children will undermine it anyway.


    yes, my thoughts concentrated on that possibility...


    I myself would in some way be affected by this rule, and I'll say, even though I haven't broken any rules, I've seen countless others making off-topic discussions and revealing personal information - well over half of the people in my grade would be making posts about "What is your spirit animal?" or "Do you believe in karma?", so I think that this would be helpful.

    But even then, like you said, a good 90 percent of my grade would get around the rules, but at least it would help a bit.

    [deactivated user]

      And on a curious note... the vast majority of the kids that spam are learning Spanish and have a very low level number. They are also more active at a certain time of the day.

      I'm no Sherlock but this suggest Spanish classrooms in the US in the afternoon. Of course there are exceptions but the trend is evident...

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