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Why does Duolingo become simpler after you Level up?

I just reached Level 22, but I have noticed that each time I 'Level Up' the exercises suddenly become very basic again. I'm on to my third practise on level 22 and the most difficult thing I have been asked is to translate 'Grapes and wine' into French. The other questions have been translations of 'Hello', "Goodbye, 'How are you?' etc, the most basic things I learnt at the beginning.

While I think we always need to check out the basics, this seems incredibly juvenile for level 22. Anyone have any insight please?

January 9, 2018



Regarde ce que la femme du Père Noël a mis dans nos bottes voici deux semaines.


Alors ? Heureuse ?


"Voici" et "il y a" sont synonyme dans ce contexte?


If you have completed all of your skills, the older ones will have decayed more than the most recent ones. When you select practice, the lessons start at the top and only advance to the next skill when the one you were working on becomes golden. If all your skills are golden, the lessons will be taken from the words that are weakest and you might get a mix from different skills.

  1. Use this method

  2. Never use the "General Strengthening button" if your tree is gold.

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