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What can Duolingo be best used for?

Some youtubers say that Duolingo is best to use it as a kick starter. Although it isn't the best tool for learning a language. I found out that Duolingo doesn't provide the best vocabulary words in other languages. So beneficial does Duolingo provide the best?

January 9, 2018



Duolingo provides an introduction absolutely free of charge to at least 31 languages if you are an English speaker. It is an easy and fun way of "connecting" and drawing insight from others interested in languages. "Kick starter" seems an appropriate term, as it is not likely you will gain a great degree of fluency (though you would certainly be able to survive in a society that uses the language of any tree you have completed) from any one DL course, but the gaming aspects add something that seems to hold our attention, and encourage continued study. Hopefully by the time a golden owl is captured, one is ready for more focused pursuit of the language with resources more conducive to advanced learning.


Duolingo's best feature is that it is adictive. It keeps you coming back, and then you want to finish your tree, and then you are motivated to use other things to continue getting better. Also it gives you enough grammar knowledge to start reading with the help of a dictionary.


Duolingo is good for vocabulary and grammar. I, for one, can't learn pronunciation here, and learning to listen is also very slow. Maybe it is different for others?

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