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Suppose I want to learn the word "complejo", which I wrote on the front of a card. I want to learn it's two meanings "complex" and "complicated". I wrote each of them as facts on the back of the card.

When I start a quiz, sometimes it hides "complex" and asks for the word "complicated". I don't need this feature. How can I turn off that feature?

(My current strategy is creating two cards "Front: complejo ; Back: complex" and "Front: complejo ; Back: complicated". But this is not very efficient.)

January 9, 2018



The second strategy can also cause problems. What is the program shows complejo and asks the other side? Will you answer complex or complicated? (Likely only one will be accepted)


Wait, I tested this with a small deck.

The program is smart, it does not ask a question like that. If it asks complejo, there are 3 options to pick from, only 1 of which is good.

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