"Speak French with me!"

Translation:Parlez français avec moi !

January 9, 2018

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HOW are you supposed to know it's supposed to be the vous form instead of the tu??? It doesn't indicate that.


"Parle français avec moi" is also a valid translation, you can report it if it's not accepted.


Here is a case where the suggested translation is improper. In proper written French one must use en français avec moi. The other way would be the two of you speaking French at the same time. I assume the speaker wants the other person to speak IN French with them as in use French as the language of communication.


I reported it. DL: Write this in French DL: Speak French with me! Me: parles francais avec moi DL: You used the tu form "parles" instead of the command form "parlez". DL: Parlez français avec moi !


When the verb ends in -es in the indicative, it always becomes -e in the imperative:

parle français avec moi (toi)

parlez français avec moi (vous)

"parles français avec moi" is a spelling mistake.


@relox: ooops - you are perfectly right. I didn't realize it. Thank you.


Could you say "Parlez à moi en français"?


You could say "Parlez-moi en français" which means "Speak to me in French", but you don't need the à.


My stupid mistake, but thanks for the correction! Have a lingot

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