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new duolingo stories?

Will you be posting more french duolingo stories? They are fun and easy to learn new words!

January 9, 2018



I noticed yesterday that Spanish and Portuguese have six sets of stories. There are two sets in French and German, so I am hoping that we will get the remaining four for these two languages soon. I love the stories and have been doing them over and over and am reluctant to use them up - I have one new one I haven't tried yet! They are so much fun!


I beat they are in the works. I stories really helped me alot.


They are wonderful! I enjoy them immensely and hope Duolingo continues publishing them- They contain new words and it is incredible what one learns in listening to dialogs and new words learnt by deduction! Thank you!


I loved the stories and they helped me learn and use new words. It is wonderful to use the words one have learned in an actual conversation. I hope you will publish some more!


please add new stories

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