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Who else likes the achievement feature?

I love the achievement feature! I was inactive on Duolingo for a while, but when I saw they had achievements, I rushed to finish as many as I could, and as a result, learned more about the language I am studying. Hopefully Duolingo adds more achievements in the future!

Who else likes this feature? Please comment below!

January 9, 2018



I love the achievement feature too! I think it will encourage people to learn more about the language they are learning! :)


I just received it. It's great!


I do! I was a little jealous at all these people with achievements. lol


They're pretty cool-looking on my profile (although I don't really see a need for me to try to earn them if they're not related to language learning, like the "Invite friends" one, but I appreciate the ones that are like "20 straight lessons with no mistakes")

Although I was confused by a couple of them. One of them said I had spent 200 lingots in total, but I don't remember buying that many things or giving them to that many people, haha. Also, it seems to be basing my achievements on things in the past, but it says I've never had a streak of over 30 days, which is not true because I've had a streak of more than 100 days. I suppose I'll have to wait 7 more days ^^

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