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"I'm from Japan."


January 9, 2018



Just 2 comments.. I expected around 200, because this is kinda hard


Most people skip comment or just read


I'm taking this as a test out and just trying to remember what Shusshin is...is it like a citizen?


出身(しゅっしん)is often translated as birthplace, but is actually considered the place you 'hail from'. Someone can have been raised in a certain locale and still lack that locations citizenship. 国籍 is one's nationality, ergo their citizenship.

If you're a military brat, しゅっしん would mean the location that you feel most attached to and spent the greatest amount of time in your youth, affecting your speech and shaping your view of the surrounding world.

Born in Osaka (大阪生まれ), raised in Paris (パリで育てられた), currently living in Istanbul for work (イースタンブルで済む). That person's 出身地(しゅっしんち)would be Paris.

In a simple conversational context, asking someone's 出身地 is simply asking where someone is 'from'.


Why is しゆつしん pronounced different here when compared to other lessons with the same word? Is this something I'm missing?

It seems like a more emphasized し sound almost like "chi" instead of "shi".


This sounds right. There is slight pause between the two S-S in shus-shin, both being pronounced as I would expect in a double letter. I can't remember if it is different from previous exercise.


I haven't noticed a difference between the pronunciation here vs other lessons.

Also, do note that it should be written with small yu and tsu, しゅっしん (shusshin) instead of しゆつしん (shiyutsushin).


When do we use "wa", and when do we not use it?


My Japanese teacher said the correct way to say it is "shusshin wa nihon desu"しゅっしんは日本です

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