"Rabinul predică în sinagogă."

Translation:The rabbi preaches in the synagogue.

January 9, 2018

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The rabbi is preaching in the synagogue---this is not good?Why?


It should be accepted. Please report the problem.


Why is it sinagogă and not sinagoga? I mean, why doesn't it have an article?


Presumably it's that rule where nouns aren't articulated after prepositions (except cu).


The word doesn't have an article because the phrase doesn't reffer to a certain synagogue. "Rabinul predică în sinagogă" talks about one specific rabbi (the word has an article) and he preaches in a synagogue, but we know nothing about it. "Rabinul predică în sinagoga frumoasă." Here we talk about one specific synagogue, the one that is beautiful, so we have the word with an article. I hope it makes sense :)


No, it doesn't. Since there was no context provided, the sentence could also be the answer to the question "Who preaches in the synagogue?". There is never a context, and all answers for all contexts should be accepted.


But shouldn't the translation then be "The rabbi preaches in a synagogue"?


I am 100% Romanian and I lived in Romania for my whole life, today I wanted to test duolingo in romanian and it has a lot of archaisms that nobody uses or understands in Romania and a lot of references to Muslims and Islamism religions and religions in general, I can guarantee that people who were born after 1985 are not religious at all here in Romania


It doesn't matter whether Romanians are religious or not. There are many religions in the world and if you're learning Romanian you should be able to describe them.

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